Research & Development

In the research and development we deal with new products of military and civilian equipment. Our developers are among the elite in their fields and are involved in many projects in cooperation with other domestic and foreign experts.

In the field of development we co-operate with the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the National Security Agency, the Association of Defence and Security Industry, NATO, EDA and other organizations. Among major projects belong the share of rearmament of the Czech Army with new wheeled combat vehicles and armored wheeled vehicles Pandur II 8x8CZ, development of means of NBC protection and means of protection and monitoring of facilities, equipment and personnel. In the area of a final production our experts work on the development of a small municipal machine and programmable welding positioners.


  • Programmable welding positioners
  • Tank cars - for fuel, drinking water
  • NBC protection equipment - decontamination truck, mixer EDS
  • Protection and monitoring devices - mobile entrance checkpoint MKPV, scanner
  • Container mortuary PKM
  • Variants of vehicle Pandur - reconnaissance (with and without a locator), medical, engineer, command






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