About us

Engineering production

VOP CZ, s.p. constantly enhances its engineering production for civilian purposes whose products are marketed on the highly competitive international market of welded components and assemblies. Thanks to the expertise of our personnel and our production capabilities we can manufacture complex welded assemblies and finished products with high accuracy requirements.  

Defence equipment

VOP CZ, s.p. systematically strengthens its position of an integrator and supplier of modern defence equipment and systems mainly to the requirements of Army of the Czech Republic and subsequently to foreign customers too. The company’s involvement in international R&D projects within EDA or NATO, or its share in the major procurement programmes of the Army of the Czech Republic in collaboration with international contractors generate new experience and capabilities essential for the future success of VOP CZ, s.p. on the international markets. 


Our principal partners in the field of R&D are the Czech Ministry of Defence, Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, national Security Authority, Defence and Security Industry Association of the CR, NATO, EDA, etc.


VOP CZ, s.p.
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