The Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces visited VOP CZ

On 26 October 2021, Chief of the General Staff, Army General Ing. Aleš Opata, visited the VOP CZ state enterprise with colleagues from the General Staff and Czech Armed Forces Command.

The meeting took place on the basis of an invitation by Ing. Radovan Putna director of VOP CZ.
The main subject of the meeting was to acquaint our visitors with the new VOP CZ strategy, currently manufactured products and new products for the Czech Armed Forces and foreign customers, and the enterprise’s preparedness for the project for acquisition of 210 new tracked infantry fighting vehicles, where VOP CZ is a strategic partner to the Ministry of Defence and the Czech Armed Forces.
The visit included a physical tour of the manufacturing areas at VOP CZ and a visit to the research and development department, where a new generation of the UGV TARS autonomous ground vehicle is currently being developed. The Czech Armed Forces implemented this platform in the Land Forces in 2020, as one of the first NATO countries to do so.
During the meeting, Army General Ing. Aleš Opata emphasised that VOP CZ is an integral element of the strategy for future development of Czech Land Forces and wished the company’s management much success in fulfilling the goals it has set.


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