Service contract for repairs of MBTs

January 3, 2018, Šenov near Nový Jičín

At the end of last year, the representatives of the state enterprise VOP CZ and the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic signed a framework agreement for repairing and maintaining the serviceability of T-72M4 CZ tanks. The purpose of this agreement is to restore the utility features of the Army's tank technique and to ensure their full combat capability.

The contract was signed by the Deputy for the Department of Armaments and Acquisitions of the Ministry of Defense Daniel Koštoval and the director of the state enterprise VOP CZ, Marek Špok.

"The framework agreement will allow not only regular repairs of T-72M4 CZ tank and recovery tank VT-72M4 CZ, but also defectation or special kind of maintenance of ZDU 6 and storage of technology. The new contract confirms the development trend of our business, allows us to maintain and develop specialized professions and overall employment in the region, "explains VOP CZ director Marek Špok.

The agreement on cooperation and implementation of tanks repairs will last until the end of 2021. The total financial volume is CZK 450 million. 



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