Contract signed between VOP CZ and FUTTEC

A contract has been signed between VOP CZ and FUTTEC 
We are delighted to announce that we have started to collaborate with FUTTEC, which owns patented technology for the repair of asphalt roads using unique microwave technology. Our enterprise will handle the manufacturing and servicing of this modern technology, and will be participating in sales and its further development.
The signature of this agreement is thus the first step in our enterprise’s latest project, which we have entitled “Advanced Technology Park”. As part of this project we intend to join forces with Czech firms, individuals and universities that own or develop unique innovative products and offer them our development, production and technological facilities. One integral aspect of this collaboration will be helping to launch these products not only on the domestic market, but especially on markets abroad. As more than 70 % of our production has been destined for foreign markets for a long time now, we certainly have a lot to offer.
Radovan Putna
Director of VOP CZ 
More information can be found in this press release:
A revolution in repairing potholes on roads is approaching: 
FUTTEC commences collaboration with the state enterprise VOP CZ
FUTTEC, the author of a patent for a unique system for repairing faults (potholes and cracks) on asphalt roads using microwave technology, has taken another major step towards enabling this innovative technology to be used more widely on roads in the Czech Republic and abroad. The signature of the contract that launches cooperation with the state enterprise VOP CZ will speed up the completion of the unique FT4, a machine that will replace the existing FT3 and will be capable of repairing road faults far more quickly. As an enterprise with many years of engineering tradition and know-how VOP will be involved in the assembly of the prototype FT4 and, after it is commissioned, will produce and service the entire fleet of FT4 machines, and also handle their sales within the Czech Republic and abroad.
The innovative Czech microwave FUTTEC® technology, built into the FT3, is used for year-round repairs of potholes and cracks in asphalt roads. It can be used most effectively during preventive highway maintenance, which prolongs the lifetime of the carriageway, reduces overall maintenance costs and increases road safety. The FT3 also enables detailed technical condition inventory and registration of individual faults and subsequent repairs intended for the highways administrator.
“Our know-how, combined with the extensive infrastructure and production capacities of VOP CZ, will create the perfect synergy, enabling us to quickly complete the prototype of the FT4. The first FT4s should therefore be deployed on Czech highways this autumn. We also believe that our collaboration will help to improve awareness of microwave technology for repairing potholes abroad, too,” comments the founder of FUTTEC Jiří Rušikvas. VOP CZ director Radovan Putna adds: “We consider the FT4 to be truly unique, as it uses microwave technology in a manner never before seen on the market here in the Czech Republic or abroad. We are therefore delighted that we can work together to complete it and subsequently launch its mass production here. In doing so we will help to ensure that our roads are not only repaired quickly and well, but are also safer.”
FUTTEC a.s. was established in 2011 with the aim of developing a unique system for repairing potholes on roads. The technology, which is the result of many years of research and refinement, originated in collaboration with the Institute of Chemical Processes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Brno University of Technology. It won FUTTEC the Visionaries 2019 award in the competition of the same name held by the CzechInno association. In addition, it succeeded in obtaining a subsidy of 1.8 million euros from the European Commission as part of the EU Horizon 2020 programme, to be used for the commercialisation of this innovative technology, which, thanks to this funding, it will be able to further improve and market more widely in the Czech Republic and abroad. 
The FUTTEC technology is designed to permanently repair potholes and other faults on asphalt roads, cycle paths and other asphalt surfaces. It works on the principle of using microwave technology to heat asphalt mixtures, enabling the area repaired to be heated deep down without degrading the asphalt mixture. The result is that the repaired area is very strong and highly durable. This principle means that road repairs can be carried out all year round, even in winter.
This technology is at the heart of the unique FT3 model. The FT4, three times more powerful, will be launched in 2021, thus making repairs even faster. FUTTEC will be collaborating with VOP CZ to complete this from March 2021.
About VOP CZ:
VOP CZ is an enterprise with a long tradition of military and engineering production, which was founded in 1946 in Šenov u Nového Jičína. It currently specialises in the production and servicing of military ground vehicles, engineering production and research and development. It builds on its own development not only through the modernisation and production of military hardware, but also the manufacture of civil products. Thanks to its long-term development and investment in the areas of technology, human resources and production capacities, VOP CZ is one of the largest military enterprises in the Czech Republic. In the field of civil engineering production it is a recognised partner for construction machinery, handling equipment, agricultural equipment, railway equipment, bridge structures and parts of investment units. It employs around 700 people.
The contract between FUTTEC and VOP CZ was signed (from left) by Jiří Rušikvas (founder of FUTTEC) and Radovan Putna (director of VOP CZ)

FT3 machine when repairing a fault on an asphalt road



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